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Why Start A Stump Grinding Business?

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Owning a business that takes on a very specific niche can be a great way to branch out and start a side career that can turn into a main gig, all without having a full-service business. Stump grinding is a service offered by landscapers and arborists, but can be a stand-alone type of service you can offer as your own business niche.

Whether you have worked in landscape design or sprinklers or you have a degree in environmental or similar studies, or you simply have experience in taking out stumps for yourself and your family members, you can start a stump grinding business. This niche can be a wise one to get into and is a needed business that some property owners don't even know about.

Here are some reasons to start a stump grinding business. Should you add on other services in the future, such as limb pruning or yard cleanup, these services should be relatively easy to add and add more value to your business.

Where there are trees, there are stumps

A stump grinding machine effectively removes a new or existing tree stump by grinding it into chopped pieces of wood. What is left behind is a hole in the ground that is then filled with soil and possibly grass seed or other material. Since tree stumps can be hard to remove on their own and make yards and landscapes look bad, owning a stump grinding business for yourself can help people remove those pesky tree stumps at whatever cost you feel is fair to get the job done.

Stump grinding is a lot like power washing as a niche; it's a service that is highly regarded but unrecognized until a client understands they need it, then can be done quickly with instant results.

You need very little equipment

In order to operate a stump grinding business, you need a vehicle that can haul a stump grinder and a stump grinder. It's wise to have protective clothing and gear as well, but you get the gist. Stump grinding as a career or business needs very little equipment. You don't even have to own a stump grinding machine — you can rent stump grinding equipment from a heavy equipment rental company and then forward the rental costs to your customers.

Charge by the hour or by the width and depth of a stump to be removed, whichever works best for you. Stump grinding can be a worthy career or a side gig you can make some decent money at as a business venture.