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Building a Custom Bar in Your Home? Keep These Tips in Mind When Shopping for Bar Stools for Sale

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Building a custom bar is a project that many homeowners enjoy doing to enhance their home and make it more comfortable and welcoming for family members and guests. While a traditional old west saloon-type bar is still a popular option with many homeowners, others are taking a more creative approach in the design, materials, and construction techniques. For example, some of the most popular home bar designs on social media posts include the use of poured epoxies or parts salvaged from vintage automobiles or farm implements. 

No matter the type of home bar you ultimately decide to build, the type of barstools you purchase to complete the project will need to carry on them while also offering comfort and durability. Homeowners who are currently planning their bar-building project can use the following tips to enjoy a better experience when shopping for accompanying barstools. 

Basic barstool options to consider

Barstools come in hundreds of styles and price points. In order to narrow the field of candidates and simplify the shopping process, homeowners will want to give some thought to determine what features they want to include or avoid, such as: 

  • barstools that swivel or those that have a fixed position
  • barstools with no backrest or those with a backrest or backrest plus arms
  • upholstered barstools or ones with wood, metal, or other hard surfaces
  • barstools with a pedestal or ones with legs 
  • barstools with adjustable heights or those with only one fixed height
  • barstools with rungs or braces to support the foot

When considering these choices, it can be helpful for homeowners to consider who will be using the barstools most frequently and choose features that would provide the most comfort for those individuals. 

What to remember about barstool height

Homeowners who do not plan to purchase adjustable height bar stools will want to ensure they purchase bar stools that will fit comfortably with the bar they are constructing. If they plan to do a bar at counter height level, they will need to remember that the seat of counter height bar stools is several inches higher than the seat of traditional bar stools. The position of the foot rail, if applicable, will differ, depending on the type and height they select. 

To learn more or see available barstool options, homeowners can plan to visit a showroom where many types, sizes, and styles of barstools for sale are offered. Visit one today for more information.