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4 Tips To Create Effective Custom Banner Signage For Your Business

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If you're looking for indoor and/or outdoor signage solutions for your business, it's hard to go wrong with printed banners. With wholesale banner material, some brackets and grommets, and a bit of creative design, you can develop signage for your business that is economical, informative, and fun.

Whether you own a small business or are part of a national corporation, you mustn't underestimate the importance of in-person marketing campaigns. In fact, signage may be the primary motivator for up to fifty percent of in-store shoppers that visit your business. This guide will share four tips to create effective custom banner signage for your business.

1. Identify the Specific Purpose of Your Signage

As with any form of advertising, your banner signage should have a clearly defined purpose. This purpose should be tailored to the specific needs of your business, but there are a few common objectives that many signage campaigns share.

Custom-designed banners are excellent tools to alter the public image of your business, highlight a sale or special in your stores, or promote upcoming events at your locations. The right banners can have a big impact on the perception of your customers.

One of the best times to add new custom signage to your business is during the launch of a new product or service. Much like web advertisements and on-air advertising, adding new signage sends a clear message to your customers that you wish to feature a product or service. Determining the purpose of your signage beforehand will guide the entire design process toward your business goals.

2. Take Advantage of Contrast

The eye is instinctively drawn to objects that seem out of place. Using contrast effectively allows you to leverage this instinct toward your marketing goals. Above all, there should be a striking contrast between the lettering on your banners and the background. You must also consider the contrast between your banner colors and the walls, ceilings, and items around your banners.

3. Keep Messaging Brief and Legible

Banner designs that draw the eye are one thing, but you also need to know that customers are digesting all the information you wish to display. If you use too much text on your banners, customers may not even read everything. The amount of time a customer spends focusing on a single object is known in marketing psychology as eye dwell.

Eye dwell varies from person to person, but, in general, customers will only view your signage for a few seconds. This is why it's always worthwhile to condense your messages into short phrases or slogans. If you are utilizing banners to promote a sale or special, make sure the price is displayed prominently on your banners since this will be the most useful information for your customers.

4. Place Signage in High Traffic Areas

Even the best custom banners will be of little use if they aren't seen by your customers. To devise an effective signage campaign, you need to understand the flow of foot traffic in your business locations. As a general rule, you should always make use of signage near your business entryways and at checkout counters.

You have several tools available to measure foot traffic in your establishments. You can use the traditional method of manual traffic counters, or you can go a bit more high-tech with security cameras and retail monitoring software. Once you have identified the hot spots in your business locations, you will know exactly where to place your signage.

Creating custom signage just takes a little planning and creativity. Use these tips to develop custom banner signage that can supercharge your in-store sales. For more information, contact a company that provides banner material wholesale.