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Have a Truck and Drive a Lot? Why You Should Install a Dash Camera

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If you have to drive a lot for your job or just like to drive, you should consider installing a dash camera on your truck. There are many benefits of doing this, three of which are listed below. You can then start shopping to find a good dash camera and have it installed. 

Show Proof of Accident Fault

One of the main reasons why you should install a dash camera on your truck is it can protect you. If you are in an accident and it was not your fault, the other driver could blame you anyway. If you have a dash camera on your truck, it will show proof of exactly what happened and who caused the accident. Without a dash camera, it would be your word against the other drivers, and you may end up paying for repairs and more.  

If you have an accident and are blamed for it, this will go against your driving record. If you drive for a living, this can cause even more problems. Also, your insurance premiums may go up higher if you are in an accident and the insurance company has to pay.

Proof of Theft or Damage

There are dash cameras that have motion sensors as well as a second camera that faces inside of your truck. If motion is detected near your truck the dash camera automatically activates and starts recording. So if someone tries to get into your truck, they will be recorded. This can also record things like someone scratching the outside of your truck either intentionally or unintentionally. If someone hits your truck while parking, then this would also be recorded. 

Give the footage from your dash camera to your insurance company to show proof of how your truck was damaged. If someone tried to steal your truck, give the footage to the police and they may be able to find the person that is responsible. 

Help You Save Money with Insurance Premiums

Once you have a dash camera installed contact your insurance company to let them know. They may offer to lower your insurance premiums immediately. This is because the dash camera can save the insurance company money as they would not have to pay out if there is proof of an accident or damage to your vehicle. 

The insurance company may ask you to show proof that you have a dash camera installed or to send them a photo of your truck. 

To learn more about dash camera systems for trucks, contact a supplier near you.