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Have A Lot Of Menstrual Cramps? 3 Tips To Help You Feel Better

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If you have a lot of menstrual cramps this can be very painful. Fortunately, there are things you can do to ease your pain. Keep reading for three tips to help you feel better during your period.

Use CBD Suppositories 

Cannabidiol (CBD) suppositories are inserted into the vagina or in the rectum. Once inserted they dissolve immediately. CBD is a chemical that is found in marijuana. CBD does not contain THC, which is the ingredient in marijuana that makes you high. 

CBD works much faster than taking medication because once inserted it goes straight into the bloodstream and will ease your pain immediately. Another benefit of using CBD is that it can help with stress, which you may have because of your pain. You can find relief with vaginal CBD suppositories.

Food and Drink

There are foods that you should be eating that may help with your menstrual cramps, such as anti-inflammatory foods. These foods help increase the blood flow in your uterus which then relaxes your uterus. This can help ease the pain you are feeling. Anti-inflammatory foods include tomatoes, green vegetables, walnuts, salmon, and pineapples. 

Along with food drink a lot of water and stay away from caffeine. Drinking water can help reduce bloating, which is common during the menstrual cycle. Reducing bloating can ease your pain. Hot water may work much better for you if you can drink this. Add a little chamomile or ginger to the hot water to make it taste better. 

See Your Doctor

You should see your doctor if your menstrual pain is very bad. This pain may be caused by something else that you are not aware of. For example, you may have endometriosis, in which the tissue of the endometrium is not in the location it is supposed to be. This can cause pain in the uterus, which increases when you are having a menstrual cycle. 

Other things that can cause menstrual cramps are uterine fibroids and pelvic inflammatory disease. If you have any of these things you can get treatment from your doctor, which will help with your pain. Your doctor will give you a vaginal exam to determine if you have any of these problems.

Besides these things, place a hot compress on your lower abdomen when your cramps are bad to help you feel better. Your doctor may also give you pain medication or ask you to take over-the-counter medication.