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2 Parts Of The Well Digging Process

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If you are in need of water for your house and you don't live in town, you probably want to have a well. With a well, you are going to be able to have water when you want it, with few problems. Another option is that you can haul water into your location and store it in cisterns, but that can be really time-consuming and end up being really expensive and leaves you with rationing water. The much better choice is to just have a well dug. If you are going to have the well dug, you might wonder what goes into the whole process of getting a well. It isn't as easy as just pointing to a spot and saying that looks like a good place. 

Survey the Area

The first part of getting your new well dug is to survey the area around your house. The people who will be digging your well are going to be looking for a few things. One is that they are going to be looking at the geography to see if there is any kind of sign that there would be water in one particular area. They are also going to look to see if they can see anything that might contaminate your well. If there is something, like a septic tank or a nearby farm, the well company will do everything they can to put your well in a different location so that no contamination makes it way into your water source. 

Test Holes

Once the well company finds a likely area, they may want to drive some test holes. Those holes will let them find out if there is water in the area, how deep it may be, and if the water is pure. These holes may not be very big, but they may also end up being the start of your well. They are basically being used to make sure that any location is going to be good for a well and that it will last for a long while so that you don't have to have a new one drilled in just a couple of years. 

You need to make sure that your house has water. If you don't live in town, then having a well is one option open to you. Getting a water well drilling service to dig the well is a process, and it's important that the whole process happen the way that it should so that you get the best possible well.