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A Calendar for a Steam Train Hobbyist

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If you are an avid model train builder or a fan of the railway and the variety of steam trains that you have been fortunate enough to board, you may appreciate being able to view some prominent steam trains from the confines of your office. A train calendar that is set up in your office can be an inspiration to your creative side, plus will provide you with a viable way to stay on top of important meetings and work projects.

Pick a Calendar

These calendars make present some trains that are utilized for passengers and freight and that traverse the United States or ones that are featured in other countries and that you have had the luxury of viewing or riding. There are wall calendars, which will focus on one specific model each month, and desktop calendars, which may feature a monthly or daily picture and room for you to jot down important information that pertains to your schedule.

When viewing various calendars that are for sale, review the number of pages and a full lineup of the color photographs that will be included in a calendar. On the back of a calendar, you may see all of the details that you can expect to view inside, including the manner in which the days of each month or week are broken down and the amount of room that will be at your disposal for your personal notes.

Use Calendars to Advertise

If you would like to advertise your business and share your passion for steam trains but don't want to seem pushy with your efforts, giving calendars to your potential customers is a kind gesture. Gold leaf lettering or black script that is printed on the front or on the inside of each calendar can be used to identify your business or the services that you offer, plus give each recipient important contact information.

Choose a calendar manufacturer who offers custom calendars. You can either order full-size calendars, similar to the one you have decided to hang in your office or you can go with some smaller-scale products, including tabletop or mini calendars. Mini calendars that have an adhesive backing may feature a set of trains that are each printed on one page. This type of calendar would be suitable for someone on the go, who would like to refer to a calendar or jot down some important meeting times.

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