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What To Look For When Buying A Welding Helmet

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Need a welding helmet and not sure what the differences are? It will help to know all of the features that can make one welding helmet better from another.

Auto Dimming

You'll want to find a welding helmet that has auto dimming. This means that your vision will be clear when you look through the glass normally, but is going to automatically dim when a spark from welding is in front of you. More advanced helmets are going to give you options for how much dimming you will get when you start welding, with you being able to switch between multiple options on the fly. 

Dimming Options

There can also be a big variation between welding helmets when it comes to how they dim. Look controls such as the sensitivity settings and delay, which will allow the auto dimming to kick on faster and extend slightly past when you stop welding. 

Replaceable Sweat Band

It can get hot underneath a welding helmet, which means you are going to sweat. Make sure that you get a welding helmet that has a replaceable sweatband so that you can put a clean one in. If not, the inside of the helmet is not going to smell great after an extended amount of time wearing it. 

True Color Lenses 

Some people have personal preferences about the type of color that they see out of their welding helmet. If so, you'll want a lens that offers true color. This will give you a more accurate representation of what the color actually looks like of what you are looking at.


It is also possible to add magnification to the lens so that you can change the type of view you are getting while wearing the helmet. Magnification is not limited to how much closer an object will look to you, but also helps give you a wider range of view from your helmet. No longer will you be limited by the very narrow window that you have seen in the past with basic welding helmets. 

Throat Guards

Are you looking for protection for more than just your eyes? Look for a welding helmet that also offers you an extended throat guard. This helmet extends further down your body, but you won't have to worry about stray sparks coming in contact with your skin while you are in the process of welding. 

You'll be sure to find the perfect welding helmet for you with these features in mind.