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What You Should Know About Bikini Atoll

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You might have never heard of Bikini Atoll before, but the name might sound interesting to you. On the flip side, you might have heard of the nuclear testing that went on there, but you might not really know very much about it. If you are a beginner to the idea of Bikini Atoll, you might find these facts to be pretty interesting. Then, you may find that you want to do a little more research about what Bikini Atoll is and whats its history is. Luckily, there is a ton of information out there about Bikini Atoll, but this quick guide can help you get started.

It's a Beautiful Place

When you hear or think about Bikini Atoll, the words and thoughts might not be very positive. After all, horrible things did happen to people at Bikini Atoll. However, if you look at pictures of the area, you might be surprised by just how strikingly beautiful it is. Sandy beaches, blue water, and beautiful palm trees can all be found at Bikini Atoll. Of course, you shouldn't let this beauty fool you into thinking that this was some sort of beautiful and fun vacation destination.

It's Made Up of Multiple Atolls and Islands

When you think about Bikini Atoll, you might assume that it's just one island or atoll. However, when you hear people talking about Bikini Atoll, you should know that they are talking about a group of five islands and 29 atolls. Together, these all make up the Marshall Islands, and they spread over a surprising amount of geographical space.

There Were a Lot of People Who Were Heavily Impacted

Despite the beauty of the Marshall Islands, it's important to realize that a lot of people were seriously impacted by Bikini Atoll and what went on there. Basically, nuclear testing was done, and the people there who were exposed to it sometimes got cancer as a result. Many of the people who were impacted served in the military or had family members who served.

Many People Were Compensated

You can't really make up for someone getting cancer due to being exposed to nuclear testing. However, it might make you feel a little bit better to know that many of the people who were impacted by the testing that happened at Bikini Atoll were compensated because of it.

Now that you know a little more about Bikini Atoll, consider doing a little more of your own research. Then, you can have a better understanding of what Bikini Atoll is and how people were affected there.