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Getting A New Propane Tank Installed? How To Get Ready And The Installation Process

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If you are getting a new propane tank installed on your property, you can do some things to help the propane tank company by getting some things ready for them. The propane tank company will also do things on their own when they arrive on your property. Knowing the installation process once everything is ready can also be helpful. Keep reading to learn more about propane tank installation.

Get Ready for Installation

First, find out where the propane tank is going to be installed. Once you do this, make sure the propane tank company can easily get to the location. For example, they need to have access to get into your yard. This may be difficult if you have a small yard. If so, remove cars that may be parked in their way. Remove any debris in the area, no matter how small. 

The propane tank company will also do some things to prepare for the installation. First, they will install a concrete pad to sit the tank on. If you want to save money, you can ask the company to use concrete blocks instead of pouring concrete. The contractor will make sure the propane tank is installed in the right area, such as the right distance from your home, and that all permits have been obtained. There are special permit requirements that you have to follow and rules on the distance the tank can be from your home. 

If you are having an underground propane tank installed, the propane tank company contractor will dig the hole and confirm that it meets requirements and specifications. 

Propane Tank Installation

Once everything is ready, the propane tank will be delivered to your home. Depending on how large the propane tank is, the company may have to use equipment such as a crane in order to lift the propane tank and place it on the concrete or concrete blocks or in the hole if the tank is underground. The tank will then be leveled, and the contractor will run the gas line. If the propane tank is underground, the contractor will cover the trench with soil. 

The propane tank will then be filled with propane, and then the tank will be inspected for leaks. A safety inspection will also be done on the installation. 

The propane tank installation company that you hire to install your propane tank can give you much more information on how to get ready for the installation process.