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3 Things To Include At Your Autumn Festival

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With the arrival of fall comes the fall festivals – apple picking, pumpkin patches – all part of the autumn fun. If your organization is planning a fall festival this year, there are a few things to include in your plans to make things more convenient and safe for those who attend.

Rent Portable Restrooms

One of the biggest complaints that people have when they attend outdoor festivals, no matter what time of year, is the fact that there's always a line for the bathrooms. This can cause people to leave the festival earlier than they would have had it been easy to get access to the bathrooms.

Leasing portable restrooms can help to keep the bathroom lines moving. Not only does it remove the need for the interior access to any buildings, but it makes it easier for people to find the restroom without having to ask or walk around blindly looking for it. Check out companies like Afford A Potty for more information.

Hand Sanitizer Everywhere

Beautiful colors aren't the only thing to come with autumn – you also have the Flu virus making its appearance for the year. Cold and Flu season is coming – help stop the spread of the viruses by placing hand sanitizer anywhere that you can think to put it. If there's going to be a petting zoo, there should be a few bottles of sanitizer. If there's going to be a bounce house, sanitizer.If you have a playground – sanitizer. You get the picture – any activities where children put their hands on things should have a few bottles of sanitizer around to make sure the kids aren't passing their germs onto one another.


Another problem that a lot of people run into is the inability to stay on their feet for long periods of time. Give the people a place to sit – especially around the areas where the kids have activities and things to do. This way, the parents and grandparents have a place to sit and rest while the kids burn off some of their excess energy.

Water For Everyone

Hydration is crucial! Don't try profiting from water – provide cheap or free access to all of the water your guests will need. Some people just won't spend the money on water and will continue on with their day even though they've become dehydrated.

Any event comes with a lot of planning, but if you do it right, any event can be a success. Hopefully, the few tips above will help you complete the planning process of your event.