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A Flash Flood Can Cause Serious Water Damage And Contaminate Your Home

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When your home is flooded due to a rising river or torrential rain that causes a flash flood, the situation is more serious than if your home is flooded by a broken water pipe. Your home suffers water damage either way, but water from a plumbing pipe is at least clean water. The water that enters your home during a flash flood is considered contaminated, and that makes cleaning up your home more difficult. Here are some things to keep in mind when your home has been flooded because of a storm.

Protect Your Skin

If water is still in your home when you return after the water falls back, protect your skin by wearing waders or boots. Floodwater picks up chemicals and other toxins as the water flows over the ground and into your house. The water can contain microorganisms that might make you sick, especially if septic systems in the area are flooded too. Although you'll want to get back home as soon as you can, wait until authorities say it's safe, and then wear protection so your skin doesn't contact the water.

Take Pictures Of The Damage

One of the first things you will want to do is take photos of the damage so your insurance company realizes how your home was affected. The high water line will show on drywall, so you want your insurance company to see it before you tear the drywall out. Once you've documented the damage, then it's time to plan on how to tackle the flood repair. It's likely you'll have to throw out some furniture, carpet, and other items that can't be sanitized. The top priority is getting the water out of your house and drying your house out. You may need the help of a flood damage repair service such as All Dry Water Damage Experts

Start The Cleanup And Repair

Cleaning up after a flood involves drying out your house, throwing out contaminated items that can't be saved, sanitizing the hard surfaces in your house, and replacing things like flooring and drywall that were removed. The process may take many days or weeks to complete, and your home could be at risk of mold during that time if the house isn't dried out thoroughly. Hiring a flood repair service makes the work go much quicker than trying to do everything yourself. The company can come in with equipment, supplies, and a crew to get your house cleaned and repaired. If your home isn't safe to occupy, you may want to board up the windows or otherwise secure it so your home is safe until all repairs can be made.