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Pros & Cons Of Foam Fire Sprinkler Systems

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Picking the best fire sprinkler system is highly important, but water is not the only component used in modern-day systems. Foam is an up-and-coming component that is used for fire extinguishing in residential settings. Take a look at the pros and cons of foam fire sprinkler systems. 

Pro: Foam is less likely to cause structural damage than water. 

One of the bigger advantages of foam used in fire sprinkler systems is the fact that foam is not going to soak into the floor and throughout the structure like ordinary water will. Even though the foam does have water in it, it takes far less water to create the foam during dispersion. Therefore, if a fire does occur and the system is activated, it would be much easier to salvage the building and clean up the mess without concerns of structural damage that can be related to high volumes of water. 

Con: Foam fire sprinkler systems are not as readily available for residential settings. 

Even though foam has been used in fire extinguishing processes for a lot of years, it has primarily been used in commercial settings. Foam systems are actually just starting to show up more in residential settings, which means the systems and the people who know how to install them can be a little harder to find. While it is still doable to get one of these systems in a residential setting, you may pay a bit more than what you would pay for a water system. 

Pro: Foam is capable of extinguishing a fire at a faster rate. 

Foam is regarded as one of the most effective fire-extinguishing agents. In certain settings, the foam was capable of putting out flames about four times faster than regular water. Foam reduces the level of oxygen in a room or space, which automatically discourages flames from burning or growing. This is one reason why foam has been used in treating things like wildfires because the levels of oxygen are such a big encouraging factor for the fire. 

Con: Chemical agents in foam can be corrosive.

Depending on the type of foam that is used in a foam sire sprinkler system, it can have chemical agents that are somewhat corrosive. For the most part, the systems are designed to handle the components well, but this can also mean that a system will have to have parts replaced more frequently. For instance, dispersion nozzles may have to be replaced every so many years. 

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