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How To Fit More In Your Industrial Roll-Off Dumpster

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When you have a lot of industrial waste to dispose of, renting a dumpster is a great solution. Large roll-off dumpsters can fit quite a lot of waste, but you do have to load them properly. Here are some tips to help you do just that.

1. Fill the dumpster from the bottom up.

You may be tempted to fill the dumpster from back to front, but this strategy can backfire as items that you stack in the back of the dumpster come tumbling down. A better approach is to create layers as you go. Create one layer across the whole bottom of the dumpster. Then, move to the back of the dumpster and start filling forward in a second layer. This will allow you to utilize more space than if a pile towards the front of the dumpster were to fall.

2. Try to put heavier items on the bottom.

If you put the lightweight items in first, heavy items may topple off of them as you're trying to stack things inside the dumpster. So, put the heaviest items in first, working your way towards the lightweight items. It's also easier to situate a lightweight item on top of a precarious pile so you won't waste as much space.

3. Take large items apart.

If you have any big pieces of equipment or oddly shaped pieces of material, take them apart the best you can. Cut things like large pieces of drywall down into more manageable pieces. This way, you can wedge the individual parts and pieces into any little empty areas instead of having to pack everything around them.

4. Check the disposal ability of items as you go. 

You do not want to get the dumpster halfway full and then realize that an item you placed in there an hour ago cannot be disposed of in the dumpster. Get a complete list of items that cannot be disposed of from the rental company before you begin loading the dumpster. Make sure everyone who is helping load the dumpster is aware of what items are banned, and check items as you go. 

You can dispose of a lot of industrial waste at once by renting a dumpster. Do take the time to estimate how much waste you have before contacting an industrial roll-off dumpster company. They can then recommend the proper size of roll-off dumpster to meet your needs.