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Tips For Buying A Professional DSLR Camera Rig

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If you are a professional videographer or someone looking to make your DSLR camera's photos better, then a professional camera rig is the answer. To ensure you purchase the best camera rig to meet your unique needs, below are some buying tips:

Buying Tip: Select a Camera Rig that is Built to Last and Made of Lightweight Metal

The first thing you need to look for when shopping for a new DSLR camera rig is one that is built to last for many years and is also made out of a lightweight metal. While inexpensive rigs made of aluminum will do the job for an amateur videographer using it occasionally, one made of titanium or carbon fiber material will be lightweight and last for decades.

Buying Tip: Choose a Camera Rig with a Quick-Release Camera Installation Plate

Since you will very likely want to be able to quickly and easily mount your camera on the rig and remove it equally as simply, choose a rig with a quick-release camera installation plate. Rigs with this function allow you to snap your camera in place and remove it without having to take a long time screwing it and unscrewing it as you would with a traditional mount or tripod.

Buying Tip: Select a DSLR Camera Rig with a Long Lens Support 

When shooting video with larger lenses, it is important your DSLR camera rig doesn't become front-heavy and want to tip. In addition, it is important for the rig to support the front of your telephoto lenses to prevent damage and excessive wear to your camera's lens threads. The answer to this common issue is to choose a camera rig that contains a long lens support mount. The mount sits under the lens and keeps the rig stable while supporting the extra weight of the extra-long lens.

Buying Tip: Select a DSLR Rig with a Follow Focus Function

As you are shooting moving objects or landscape panoramas, you will inevitably want to readjust the focus as you move your camera. When you are using a camera rig, you want one that allows you to focus your lenses on the rig rather than moving the lens of the camera. The answer to this is to use a DSLR solution with an add-on function known as a follow focus. In conclusion, it is vital you choose a rig with all of the above functions as well as one with a follow focus.