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Reasons To Consider Having Old Furniture Restored

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Many families have pieces of furniture that have been passed down from other family members. You may feel a sense of connection to these items but also view them as a bit of an eyesore. Due to this connection, it can be tough to get rid of these items, but they might not be doing the look of your home any favors, either. A solution is to have them professionally restored. The end result will be that you'll still own these pieces, but that they look better. Here are some things to assess when you're considering furniture restoration.


Creakiness is something that can really detract from antique-style furniture. You can determine this by sitting in the chair and gently rocking your body from side to side. You're looking for a chair that retains its integrity, rather than shifts under your changing weight. A creaky chair is more than just an auditory distraction; the noise indicates that the chair has loose joints, which will only get looser over time. It's possible that a chair that creaks will eventually fall apart, which could injure a family member sitting on it at the time. A trained furniture restoration can take the chair apart and reglue each of the joints to eliminate the creakiness.

Worn Fabric

Chairs, sofas, benches and other used furniture can be fully or partially covered in a layer of fabric, and it's important to check the fabric's condition. You want to carefully inspect the fabric for signs of wear. With armchairs, look for any signs of wear on the fabric on the armrests. With sofas, look along the front edge of the cushions, as it can occasionally be worn as a result of people sliding their bodies on and off. Restoration can replace the fabric and give your items a fresh, new look.

Color Fading

The presence of color fading is another thing to check if you're thinking about having your furniture restored. Certain pieces could appear slightly faded; this could have occurred if the previous owner had some of the items next to a window where rays from the sun entered. This can especially be a concern if only some pieces in the set have fading. For example, if two or three of your dining room chairs are faded, they won't properly match the others in the set. A specialty furniture professional can replace the fabric in each of the chairs to eliminate this visual problem.