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Tips To Help Keep Your Young Children Occupied While At A Laundromat

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If you will be bringing your young children with you to a laundromat to wash and dry your family's clothes and are concerned about your kids causing your experience to be difficult, the following tips will help keep your offspring occupied while completing the job at hand. 

Delegate Small Tasks

If your children are old enough to follow simple instructions, have them assist you with some basic tasks. Allow them to exchange dollar bills for quarters or purchase laundry soap and dryer sheets from vending machines. Once they have acquired all of the materials that you need to wash the clothing that you brought with you, ask them to fill the coin operated machines with quarters in order to turn the equipment on.

Your children can also assist with pouring detergent into the wash basins or adding dryer sheets to the dryers once the clothing has been washed. These small jobs will help your children feel important and may minimize the amount of time that is spent at the laundromat. 

Bring A Box Of Activities

Pack a bag of activities for your children to enjoy while at the laundry facility. Simple games that do not contain a lot of parts, coloring books and a box of crayons, or reading materials may help make time go by quickly for your children and will provide you with ample time to wash, dry, and fold clothing items. Participate in the activities with your children while waiting on the washing machines or dryers to stop operating to help keep your children interested in them.

Keep the bag in your vehicle at all times so that you have plenty of materials to help prevent boredom if you will be visiting another public place with your children.

Promise A Small Reward For Good Behavior

Before heading to the laundromat, discuss the importance of good behavior to your children and encourage them to try hard to listen to while away from home. Promise a small reward for good behavior, such as a trip to a local ice cream parlor or park. If your children behave well at the laundromat, follow through with your promise. The reward will provide your children with enjoyment and may also be appreciated by you. Plan a future outing as a reward after each subsequent trip to the laundromat so that your children have something to look forward to.

All of these tips will help you remain stress-free while washing and drying clothing and will keep your children entertained while away from home. Click here to learn more.