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4 Smart Tips For Finding The Best Mattress For Chronic Back Pain

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If you have chronic low back pain, you understand the struggle when it comes to finding a comfortable mattress. When back pain is a daily issue, it seems that any type of mattress makes it worse. You wake up feeling like you have lain awake on a concrete floor all night. There is a mattress out there that can give you a good night's sleep. Here are some tips to help you find it.

Ask For an In-Home Trial

An in-home trial is something is that many mattress stores offer but don't always advertise. It's definitely something that people with chronic low back pain should take advantage of. It's difficult to know which type of mattress will work for you. You won't know for sure until you sleep on it all night for about a week. Some people with low back pain do better with firm mattresses, while others do better with soft mattresses. If you get the wrong type, you could end up with worse pain than you had before you went mattress shopping.

Consider an Adjustable Mattress

Adjustable beds are always a great option for people with lower back pain. You can find beds that adjust from firm to soft and also adjust inclines like a hospital bed. With an adjustable bed, you won't have to worry about it not being comfortable for you. If you sleep with a spouse or partner, you won't have to worry about one of you not liking the mattress either. Most of these mattress adjust separately on each side, so you can both find the comfort that you need. If your pain changes often, this could be the perfect bed for you, because you can adjust the bed to relieve whatever particular pain you are having that night.

Don't Put Too Much Stock in Science

If you decide to read studies about the best mattresses for chronic pain, take everything with a grain of salt. Chronic pain is an umbrella term for people with chronic conditions that cause them constant pain. Therefore, 10 people with chronic pain could all have completely different medical conditions. Someone with bursitis in their hips is not going to be comfortable in the same manner as someone with herniated discs in their spine. Another problem with studies about mattresses and chronic pain is that many of them contradict each other. For years, scientists said firm mattresses reduced lower back pain. In 2003, many scientists and came out and said medium mattresses were actually better and to ditch the firm ones. Now, you can find many memory foam mattresses that form to the contours of your back, which may end up being what you need to reduce the pain.

Talk to Your Doctor

If you're still worried about purchasing the wrong mattress, talk to your doctor. Ask your doctor if he or she thinks your specific type of pain could benefit from a pillow top, a memory foam, or something else entirely. Your doctor may be able to tell you what type of bed can help relieve your pain and help you rest easy.

The best mattress for chronic back pain is a subjective matter. In the end, it depends on your personal preference. Some people hate memory foam mattresses while others experience a large reduction of pain after using one for a couple of weeks. Just make sure, whatever you get, you give it time to conform to your body. Sometimes getting a new mattress will increase your pain for the first week or two while your body adjusts, and then you will feel better than you did before you bought it.