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5 Audible Security Upgrades For A Close Knit Nieghborhood

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Living in a tight knit neighborhood not only comes with the benefits of friends and picnics, but there is also a sense of safety and protection. When neighbors look out for each other, it can increase safety and help deter criminal activity on homes. To help add extra protection to your neighborhood, it's a good idea to install a variety of audible products to your security system. Not only can these audio security products deter criminals and scare them from your home, but they can also be installed to alert your neighbors.

Browse through the following five products to see how they can work on your home and adapt to a close knit neighborhood.

Window Sensors

One of the more vulnerable places in your home are the first floor windows. When left unlocked, these windows create easy access points. By having a security system installed with window sensors, you can have alarms and sirens go off at any sign of an intruder. If the window is smashed or lifted, the alarm can heard by neighbors close by. This can help them contact proper authorities, keep their own windows locked, and have a proper look out for any signs of intruders.

Window sensors can be installed by professionals on every window in the home, and during the warmer months, they can easily be deactivated to move fresh air through the home.

Front Door Siren

When consulting about your security system, it's a good idea to request a high decibel front-door siren. If the front door is broken open, a siren located just above the exterior door can release a sound that travels all around the block. This is another great indicator for neighbors in the area. By recognizing the loud sound, it can indicate to them that the front door was the spot broken into.

When working together with other neighbors, it's good for everyone to have the same front door siren. The universal sound can help indicate an emergency around the block.

Motion Sensor Garage Alarms

The garage is another entry point that can be protected with alarms. Motion activated alarms can go off to indicate if someone is getting too close to the garage. This will help prevent criminals from actually breaking into the garage before an alarm goes off. Along with the security company, you neighbors will be able to hear to alarm as it goes off.

Sensors can be placed on both the large garage doors and any side entrances on the home.

Rock Speakers

Intelligent criminals may be looking for ways to disable or shut off alarms. Stay one step ahead by keeping your audio alarms incognito. One way of doing this is by having the alarms wired to an item like rock speakers. These speakers look like ordinary garden rocks, but they have a speaker component installed on the back side. Once installed, the speakers can send audio alarms towards your neighbor's home.

Speakers in a rock design are available in both wired and wireless designs. The type you choose depends on your exterior layout and the budget you have for a security system.

Bluetooth Intercom System

During an emergency, getting instant access to your neighbor can be crucial to helping each other. Instead of waiting for a phone call or relying on cell service, you can reach them instantly with a Bluetooth intercom system. When you live close enough to your neighbor, the intercom system works much like high grade walkie talkies.

Not only can you communicate with individual neighbors on the system, but you have the ability to send out group messages. For example, you can send out a group message about a suspicious car parked on the street to see if any of the other neighbors know who the car belongs to.