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Advice for Setting up Hummingbird Feeders

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If you enjoy hummingbirds, then you may want to purchase feeders so that you can attract them near your property. You'll want to approach their setup a certain way and these tips can help you have success in no time.

Find a Prime Location

Hummingbird feeders need to be strategically placed for hummingbirds to start feeding from their trays or platforms. Carefully analyze your property to see what locations would be a prime setup spot that you don't have to adjust frequently over the years.

For instance, maybe there's a bush that hummingbirds like going to because of the vegetation. You could set up the feeders directly over them so that they have even more opportunities to feed on nectar. Places where there are structures to hide under also are great spots for hummingbird feeders. They'll make these birds feel more secure and then they'll be more likely to eat from the feeders you set up.

Think About Your Convenience 

If you get hummingbirds in the area often, then you'll probably be filling up the feeders a lot throughout the months. You want to have an easy time doing this so that hummingbird watching becomes a hobby you enjoy for as long as these viewing experiences last.

Maybe setting up only a couple of feeders is a good idea because then you won't have too many to fill up. Or you could set up the feeders close to your backdoor so that re-filling is a convenient task every time. Just do what you think is best. 

Assess Possible Threats

Before you go setting up hummingbird feeders around your property, you should take an assessment of your property in terms of threats. What are things that could drive the hummingbirds away? It could be things like larger bird species, frogs, snakes, and chipmunks. You want to account for these things so that your feeders don't put hummingbirds in a potentially vulnerable position.

Also, think about what you could be vulnerable to. For humans, bees can be a problem with hummingbird feeders because of their nectar. It may even be necessary to hire a pest control expert to take care of a bee population before it becomes a real problem for your feeders. Look into bee-proof hummingbird feeders to address this issue.

Once you pick out a great selection of hummingbird feeders, you want to approach their installation with the right precautions so that they help you attract hummingbirds regularly for incredible viewing opportunities.